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Open Carry Walk Planned For North Little Rock

A gun-rights group says it plans to hold an open-carry walk in North Little Rock this weekend. Arkansas Carry said in a statement that members will walk at 11 a.m. Saturday from Schlotsky’s Deli on JFK Boulevard to Cherry Hill … Continue reading

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Is Open Carry Disorderly Conduct In Utah?

A new bill would define when someone could be charged with disorderly conduct when they are openly carrying a gun in Utah. Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clinton, says it came after a picture surfaced last year of a man with a … Continue reading

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Petersburg, Va. Circuit Court Clerk backs down to gun group

Virginia resident Michael McNeill filed a petition with the Virginia Supreme Court requesting a Writ of Mandamus to compel Petersburg Circuit Court Clerk Shalva J. Braxton to follow Virginia law when it comes to concealed handgun permit application processing procedures. … Continue reading

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Arkansas to become the nation’s 45th open carry state on August 15th

Arkansas will become the nation’s 45th open carry state on August 15th of this year. This result arises from the Arkansas legislature’s enactment of HB 1700, a bill sponsored by Representative Denny Altes (R – Fort Smith) which amended Arkansas … Continue reading

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Innocent Victims of Gun Control: The Eagle Scout

I would like for you to meet Cole Withrow. In addition to being an Eagle Scout, Cole is an honors student and high school senior in Johnson County North Carolina … at least he was until recently. Now, he is charged … Continue reading

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A tale of two rallies

This morning I was reading the press coverage of last week’s Stop The NRA ‘rally’ in DC. Despite the fact that it only attracted a whopping 60 attendees, it received quite a bit of positive attention from the mainstream media. … Continue reading

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When quasi-celebrities attack: Jay Mohr blames Boston attack on the 2nd Amendment

Aging comedian/actor Jay Mohr managed to generate some publicity for himself on Monday by exploiting the Boston Marathon explosions to push his anti-Second Amendment agenda. Mohr, who those from my generation might remember from Tom Cruise’s hit 1996 film Jerry … Continue reading

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What does a traitor look like?

“So what does a traitor look like?” That is a very good question. After all, a traitor is different than an enemy.  An enemy declares himself and opposes you openly.  But in order to become a traitor, someone first needs to enjoy … Continue reading

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Innocent Victims of Gun Control: The welterweight champion

Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero has beaten many opponents on his way to becoming the WBC Welterweight Champion. He has also beaten back leukemia and is known far and wide for his squeaky-clean lifestyle. In short, Guerrero is a champion in … Continue reading

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Innocent Victims of Gun Control: The veteran’s pregnant wife

I would like for you to meet Beth Ferrizzi of Fargo North Dakota.  She is an average American women who considers herself a law-abiding and even upstanding citizen. She is married to Air Force Master Sergeant Joe Ferrizzi and they … Continue reading

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