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A tale of two rallies

This morning I was reading the press coverage of last week’s Stop The NRA ‘rally’ in DC. Despite the fact that it only attracted a whopping 60 attendees, it received quite a bit of positive attention from the mainstream media. … Continue reading

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What does a traitor look like?

“So what does a traitor look like?” That is a very good question. After all, a traitor is different than an enemy.  An enemy declares himself and opposes you openly.  But in order to become a traitor, someone first needs to enjoy … Continue reading

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Why ‘universal background checks’ will inevitably lead to registration

So here we are … answering the question “Is it irrational to fear that the ‘universal background check’ bill will lead to a de-facto registration scheme?” Let’s just start with the plain text of the bill itself.  Does it say … Continue reading

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Open carry walk draws a big crowd in Brookville Pennsylvania

I want to tell you about a wonderful family event that took place in Brookville Pennsylvania yesterday. It was called the Brookville Open Carry Walk and so many people showed up despite the cold that the police and fire department … Continue reading

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Philly Police Harrassing Open Carrier Caught on Tape

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