Open carry is prohibited in Hawaii. However, should you be wealthy or connected enough to get one of the rare Hawaii carry permits, the law makes no distinction between open and concealed carry. But, doing so would almost certainly result in the loss of the permit. We consider Hawaii to be one of the top 5 rights restricted states in the union.
Legal Disclaimer We make every effort to provide correct information on this site. However, the legal landscape surrounding open carry is fluid and subject to a myriad of political influences in the various states. Therefore, any and all information you glean from this site should be independently verified!
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State Constitution Article I Section 17

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Minimum Age to OC No Statutory Limit
Preemption There is NO state preemption of firearms laws.

NOTE: Almost all states allow local regulation of the discharge of firearms

Open Car Carry You may NOT open carry in a car.
Private Sales Not Yet Determined
Permit Issued Not Yet Determined
K-12 Carry Not Yet Determined

NOTE: The Federal Gun-Free School Zones Act Restricts Carry to Permit Holders

College Carry Carry Not Statutorily Prohibited

NOTE: Even if Legal, Students May be Subject to Academic Sanctions

Places Off Limits
    Currently Being Researched
State Law
Official Documents
State Organizations
Local Ordinances
Concealed Carry Available at Handgunlaw.us

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