North Dakota

North Dakota is not a traditional open carry state. However, it is a shall-issue state that issues a carry permit that allows both open and concealed carry.
Legal Disclaimer We make every effort to provide correct information on this site. However, the legal landscape surrounding open carry is fluid and subject to a myriad of political influences in the various states. Therefore, any and all information you glean from this site should be independently verified!
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State Constitution Declaration of Rights, Article I, Section 1All individuals are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty; acquiring, possessing and protecting property and reputation; pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness; and to keep and bear arms for the defense of their person, family, property, and the state, and for lawful hunting, recreational, and other lawful purposes, which shall not be infringed.
Minimum Age to OC No Statutory Limit
Preemption Complete State Preemption of All Firearm LawsNOTE: Almost all states allow local regulation of the discharge of firearms
Open Car Carry Firearms may be openly carried in cars only with a permit/license.
Restaurant Carry We have North Dakota categorized as allowing carry in restaurants that serve alcohol. This is based upon state code § 62.1-02-04(2)(f) which generally prohibits possession of firearms in liquor and bingo establishment. However, it makes an exception for those eating in the restaurant part of an establishment if an individual under twenty one years of age is not prohibited in that part of the establishment.
Private Sales Not Yet Determined
Permit Issued Not Yet Determined
K-12 Carry Not Yet DeterminedNOTE: The Federal Gun-Free School Zones Act Restricts Carry to Permit Holders
College Carry Carry Prohibited by StatuteNOTE: Even if Legal, Students May be Subject to Academic Sanctions
Places Off Limits
    Currently Being Researched
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