Is Open Carry Disorderly Conduct In Utah?

Disorderly_ConductA new bill would define when someone could be charged with disorderly conduct when they are openly carrying a gun in Utah. Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clinton, says it came after a picture surfaced last year of a man with a rifle across his back at a JC Penney in northern Utah.

Ray said his bill states guns have to be holstered.

So if someone is carrying a gun around in their hand they can be cited,” he said. “This bill really clarifies things and gives them an outline to go by of in this situation you can write a ticket and in this situation you can’t.

The same goes for people who openly display guns on their body. The man in JC Penney last year could have been charged with disorderly conduct, he said.

Excerpt … read more at Utah’s KSL.

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