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Why ‘universal background checks’ will inevitably lead to registration

So here we are … answering the question “Is it irrational to fear that the ‘universal background check’ bill will lead to a de-facto registration scheme?” Let’s just start with the plain text of the bill itself.  Does it say … Continue reading

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Democrats says the darnedest things

The media loves to point out the stupid things that Republicans say … and, being politicians, they do say their share of stupid things. But if you depend on the mainstream media for your news, then you might think that … Continue reading

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Proposed ATF rule change on NFA transfers

Current ATF regulations require individual applicants to get sign-off from their local chief law-enforcment officer (CLEO).  This is known colloquially as the ‘CLEO Sign-off.’ In many jurisdictions, the CLEO will not sign the form and this acts as an effective … Continue reading

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Open carry walk draws a big crowd in Brookville Pennsylvania

I want to tell you about a wonderful family event that took place in Brookville Pennsylvania yesterday. It was called the Brookville Open Carry Walk and so many people showed up despite the cold that the police and fire department … Continue reading

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37 gun rights groups form ‘Coalition Against Universal Background Checks’

Last Monday a “divided Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday narrowly approved a Democratic bill expanding required federal background checks for nearly all gun [transfers and not just] purchases . . . by 10-8, supported by all Democrats and opposed by … Continue reading

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Open carry may be coming to the Kansas Capitol Building

In an effort to make a political point about concealed carry in public buildings, a Kansas  Democrat has inadvertently introduced a bill that makes open carry legal in the state capitol. The bill was introduced by Lawrence Kansas Democrat John … Continue reading

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Democrat’s ‘Universal Background Check’ bill discriminates against same-sex couples

As if same-sex couples were not faced with enough social and legal bigotry, the so-called ‘Universal Background Check’ bill being pushed by Democrats adds the threat of being made a felon for simply going on a long business trip. “What?” … Continue reading

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Walking Dead writers perpetuate gun control myths

I should start by admitting that I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Every Sunday night, my wife and I watch it like clockwork. Having said that, I was disappointed last night when the dialogue revealed that, while … Continue reading

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Emily Miller packs the room at VCDL meeting

Watch Ms. Miller’s rousing speech at the February 28th, 2013 VCDL meeting below. The video is courtesy of gun rights advocate Ed Levine. Emily Miller, Senior Editor for Opinion at The Washington Times, was deputy press secretary for Secretaries of … Continue reading

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No punishment for officer in Florida open carry arrest

Deputy Andy Cox of the Citrus County Sheriff’s Department in Florida is untouchable. That’s the news from the department today after they wrapped up an internal affairs investigation of the 2009 arrest of a permit holder for open carry after … Continue reading

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