Open carry may be coming to the Kansas Capitol Building

Kansas_John_WilsonIn an effort to make a political point about concealed carry in public buildings, a Kansas  Democrat has inadvertently introduced a bill that makes open carry legal in the state capitol.

The bill was introduced by Lawrence Kansas Democrat John Wilson who states that he is, in fact, opposed to guns in public buildings and only introduced the bill to “draw attention to what he considered the hypocrisy of legislators who wanted to allow the concealed carry of weapons in other public buildings, including schools and mental health centers, but not in their own workplace.

He went on to add this his actual intent was “to allow concealed carry in the Capitol, and only the Capitol and only concealed.  That’s what the amendment I drafted did — or so I thought.

But Wilson’s little political joke may backfire on him.

Read more at Monachus Lex.

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