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Democrats says the darnedest things

The media loves to point out the stupid things that Republicans say … and, being politicians, they do say their share of stupid things. But if you depend on the mainstream media for your news, then you might think that … Continue reading

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Manufacturers and dealers go all-in to protect gun rights

As the Democratic majority in Colorado moves forward with a bevy of draconian gun control proposals including a ban on normal capacity magazines, at least one Colorado company is taking a stand. Magpul Industries is a Colorado success story. The company, based … Continue reading

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Sales skyrocket as Democrats announce plans to ban guns

As once pro-gun Democrats join the rush to punish law-abiding gun owners for the actions of the Connecticut madman, gun owners are reacting by heading to their local gun stores in droves. In Colorado, gun buyers on Saturday overwhelmed the … Continue reading

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Colorado gun store succeeds by specializing in women gun owners

Tri-Lakes Shooter’s Supply in Monument Colorado is doing well and they attribute much of their success to the burgeoning number of women shooter to whom they cater. Long gone is the stereotype of the male gun owner. As women flock … Continue reading

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