Sales skyrocket as Democrats announce plans to ban guns

Gun_SalesAs once pro-gun Democrats join the rush to punish law-abiding gun owners for the actions of the Connecticut madman, gun owners are reacting by heading to their local gun stores in droves.

In Colorado, gun buyers on Saturday overwhelmed the state background check system which brought in extra staff and is still working though the backlog.

But Colorado is certainly not alone in experiencing this phenomenon.  Dealers in Oregon, Virginia, and Texas told USA Today that “sales are astronomical.”

Read more at USA Today.

AUTHOR’S COMMENT: Readers will note that I am calling the attacker from Friday ‘the Connecticut madman’ rather than using his name wherever possible. Law enforcement tells us that one of the driving factors in the mind of such monsters is the notoriety inevitably given them by the press and  I will NOT give him the notoriety of using his name unless it is absolutely necessary.

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