Gun crime soars in ‘handgun free’ Great Britain

BritainDespite having had a complete ban on handguns for over 15 years, the criminal use of handguns in Britain continues to climb. Last year alone, gun crime in Britain increased 35%.

In fact, data just released shows that the number of crimes in which handguns were used in 2011 was more than double that in 1997 before the ban was instituted.

Supporters of gun control like to point to the UK as a shining example of gun control. After all, they are on an island nation and have controls so strict that their own olympic shooters have to go outside the country to practice.

And yet criminal use of firearms continues to increase while citizens are left defenseless.

The UK may be a shining example, but the example is of how much of a failure gun bans are from a public policy perspective.

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