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Manufacturers and dealers go all-in to protect gun rights

As the Democratic majority in Colorado moves forward with a bevy of draconian gun control proposals including a ban on normal capacity magazines, at least one Colorado company is taking a stand. Magpul Industries is a Colorado success story. The company, based … Continue reading

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Cuomo violates state law in his effort to pass gun control

New York has passed a series of unconstitutional gun control measures as a means of exploiting the Newtown tragedy. Therefore, it should come as little surprise that they were willing to violate state law in order to pass this anti-civil-rights … Continue reading

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New York appears ready to fire the first shot in the coming gun-control battle

Sources speaking on condition of anonymity have reported that anti-gun New York legislators feel they have the votes to pass the nations first knee-jerk, draconian reaction to the Newtown madman. The sources state that the bill will add even more … Continue reading

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