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Arkansas open carry bill dies in committee

The Arkansas bill introduced by Republican Representative Sue Scott to allow permit holders to open carry has been scuttled in committee after opposition from Republican Speaker Davy Carter and the Arkansas State Police. Representative Scott worked hard to protect the … Continue reading

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Florida sheriffs pledge to protect RKBA

In a bi-partisan display of support for the right to keep and bear arms, every single sheriff in the entire state of Florida has signed a pledge to “not enforce laws that violate the Constitution or infringe on the rights … Continue reading

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It’s election time and there are NRA board members who need to go

Former Texas Ranger and NRA Board Member Joaquin Jackson likes to pose with a lever action rifle.  And apparently, if he had his way, that would be practically all that you would be allowed to own. While Jackson, who has … Continue reading

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Secret Service agent takes aim at gun control

Dan Bongino, former US Secret Service Officer and former US Senate Candidate speaks at the Annapolis, MD Guns Across America Rally.

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New Hampshire democrat wants to make open carry a felony

Yesterday, New Hampshire gun owners came out in force to tell Democrat Delmar Burridge what they think about his attempt to outlaw open carry in public buildings. Of particular concern to many in attendance was the fact that Burridge’s bill … Continue reading

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Arkansas Governor Beebe opposes open carry bill

Well what a surprise … a Democrat is opposed to expanding the civil rights of the citizens living in his state. Who would have imagined such a thing? Actually I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at Governor Beebe’s anti-civil rights … Continue reading

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One day left to win a prize pack from Mid-Atlantic Shooting & Firearms

Our good friends over at Mid-Atlantic Shooting & Firearms need your help in getting to 5,000 Facebook likes and they are giving away gear to lucky contest winners. For full rules and to enter visit the MASF Facebook page.

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Arkansas open carry bill has been filed

After Oklahoma passed open carry legislation last year, Arkansas became one of only six remaining states that completely ban the open carry of properly holstered handguns by law abiding citizens. At least one of the other states, Texas, also has … Continue reading

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In Virginia a VCDL-backed privacy bill goes to governor’s desk

A VCDL backed bill to further enhance concealed handgun permit holder privacy protections is on the way to Governor McDonnell for his signature. In 2009, a VCDL backed bill was passed and signed into law which prevented the Virginia State … Continue reading

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Vice President Biden’s criminally stupid advice about self defense

Vice President Biden is known far and wide as being the master of the gaffe. Were he a Republican instead of a Democrat, the ‘pet media’ would have long since convinced the American public to have him committed to some … Continue reading

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