An open carry bill has been filed in Texas

Chris_PaddieTexarkana Republican George Lavender and Marshall Republican Chris Paddie (pictured here) have introduced HB 700 which would bring Texas in line with the 44 other states which allow some form of open carry.

This bill is a good first step toward restoring full open carry rights to Texas. While we would love to see unlicensed open carry in all 50 states, we recognize that we may need to reclaim lost ground the same way we lost it … one step at a time.

In the meantime, this bill would immediately eliminate many of the burdens placed upon Texas’ permit holders. Additionally, it should be non-controversial since the only change to Texas law will be to allow permit holders to carry concealed or openly as they see fit.

The training and background check requirements will not change. Any politician who opposes such a common-sense improvement to the law will be exposed as an opponent of gun rights.

I think Representative Paddie says it best.

“Texas is one of the very few states that does not allow its citizens some form of open carry. Texas should not be a laggard in supporting gun rights, but rather should be leading the fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. We are committed to supporting the 2nd Amendment rights of all Texans and this bill shows our continued commitment to the 2nd Amendment, even in the face of increasing federal scrutiny.”

Those in Texas should contact their Senators and Representatives and tell them to support this common-sense legislation. You should also take the time to contact Representative Lavender and Representative Paddie and thank them for introducing the bill.

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Missouri bill would require gun owners to register with their children’s school

MO_SenatorsMissouri Democratic Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal has introduced a bill in the Missouri Senate to require gun-owning parents to register the fact that they are gun owners with their children’s schools.

One can only imagine the negative consequences that children of gun owners will face when anti-gun school officials know they live in a pro-Second Amendment home.

Senator Nadal claims that her bill will somehow prevent gang-related shootings stating that “I wholly believe in the 2nd Amendment, that everyone should have the right to bear arms, but the 2nd Amendment does not say that a 12-year-old can shoot a 12-year-old — there is no protection for that.

Read more at St Louis Public Radio.

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Senator Feinstein declares war on pistol grips

Pistol_GripsYesterday in a dramatic ceremony on Capitol Hill, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D – California), amidst a backdrop of normal garden variety one-shot-per-trigger-pull firearms, declared war on pistol grips.

Feinstein stated that because “[o]ur weak gun laws allow . . . mass killings to be carried out again, and again, and again in our country . . . the bill she and her colleagues are introducing would bar the sale, transfer, manufacture and importation of . . . rifles [with] pistol grip[s].

Read more at Mike Stollenwerk’s DC Gun Rights Examiner.

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Utah lawmaker wants to clarify the legality of open carry

Paul_RayUtah Representative Paul Ray wants to be sure that those who open carry are not subject to disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace charges.

He is introducing House Bill 268 which makes it clear that open carry does not meet the requirements of either of these charges.

Representative Ray notes that “Some agencies were using disorderly conduct as gun control. I don’t want that to happen, and that’s the reason for the bill. It’s to protect the right of gun owners.”

However, Ray’s bill would still allow those who cause a ‘reasonable person to fear for their safety or the safety of others’ to be charged. This concession to law enforcement might mitigate much of the benefit of the bill to gun owners.

Read more at KSL TV.

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City Council member in Washington state walks out over permit holder

AlmbergThis occurred in the City of Oak Harbor Washington which is on beautiful Whidby Island. But the beauty of the island was marred somewhat recently by the bad behavior of Councilman Rick Almberg.

While disabled veteran Lucas Yonkman was speaking during a citizen comment period about the need to protect our Second Amendment rights, Councilman Almberg tried to advance a motion banning permit holders from carrying at meetings despite being advised by the City Attorney that Washington’s preemption law would make such a motion moot.

I should note that Mayor Scott Dudley does a great job of both apologizing to the disabled veteran who was the subject of the anti-American rant and of defending our rights.

Might I suggest that those who live in this town take it upon themselves to attend every single City Council meeting while open carrying. Perhaps Councilman Almberg’s irrational fear will require him to resign from the Council.

Read more at Island Politics.

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Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show cancelled after banning sporting rifles

Eastern-Sports-Outdoor-Show-LogoThe Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show likes to bill itself as THE Sportsman Show. But this year, it is the show that will not happen. It was scheduled to run from February 2 through the 10th at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center but now that slot is open.

So how did the nation’s largest outdoors show manage to self-destruct? In the wake of the Newtown shooting by a madman, Reed Exhibitions who hosts the show, caved under pressure from anti-gunners and decided to ban the presentation of any and all sporting firearms and tactical gear.

The reaction was immediate and overwhelming. Sponsors, attendees, and presenters pulled out in droves. Those who had not yet pulled out were faced with the very real possibility that they would be boycotted themselves for supporting the show.

Politicians should take note. American gun owners will not support those who attack their rights.

Read more at The Washington Examiner.

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Michigan Democrat introduces open carry ban bill

Andy_SchorLancing Democrat Andy Schor has introduced a pair of bills attacking the rights of Michigan gun owners.

The first bill would ban open carry in those areas where concealed carry is already banned. He said that he added the bill after Governor Snyder vetoed SB59 which would have allowed concealed carry in gun free zones but would have prohibited open carry.

The second bill would add libraries to the places where law-abiding citizens are disarmed. Schor said this bill was a reaction to gun owners actually carrying a firearm while visiting the library.

Read more at Michigan Live.

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What you must believe to support ‘gun free zones’

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Why would an average citizen need to carry a gun?

Beaten_With_HammerThis is a common question asked by the anti-gun crowd and sometimes even by those who are not anti-gun but who are not gun owners. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at today’s news from around the country to see if we can answer the question.

You might be robbed, have your throat slashed, and be beaten with hammers

This horrific crime took place in Dallas leaving the clerk fighting for his life and facing life-changing injuries.

You might be robbed and thrown onto the subway tracks

This crime, equally horrific, took place in Philadelphia where a young woman was robbed and then thrown onto the subway tracks. Thankfully, she avoided being electrocuted or struck by a train but the attacker clearly was trying to kill her.

You might be stabbed while shopping at Bed, Bath, & Beyond with your baby

This story comes to us from Middletown New Jersey where a young mother was randomly attacked while shopping with her baby. She was stabbed over a dozen times collapsing both her lungs but is expected to survive.

You might be beaten with tire irons and baseball bats after getting pizza

This story comes to us from the gun-control paradise of New York, Greenwich Village to be exact. The victim was leaving a pizza parlor when he was set upon by a group of men who beat him nearly to death.

What is even more interesting about these particular crimes is that not one of the assailants used a gun. We don’t have a gun problem in this country but we do have a crime problem and each one of these victims might have been saved if they had been armed themselves.

The wolves walk among us and the only thing protecting you and your loved ones is statistics. One day the predator’s eyes will flick toward you … and you had better be ready.

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New York police will be in violation of newly passed law

NYPD_ArmyAs I reported previously, Governor Cuomo was in such a hurry to pass New York’s latest draconian gun laws that he violated state law by ignoring the mandatory 3 day ‘aging period’ during which citizens and legislators can consider and comment upon the legislation.

In fact, he was in such a rush that the law did not include any exemptions for law enforcement officers. The PBA has been quick to reassure officers that the law will be updated before it becomes effective in March to maintain their status as ‘better people’ than average citizens.

Read more at ABC New York.

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