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Why would an average citizen need to carry a gun?

This is a common question asked by the anti-gun crowd and sometimes even by those who are not anti-gun but who are not gun owners. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at today’s news from around … Continue reading

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An honest look at crime stats

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Knives, fists, and clubs kill 9 times more people in the US than rifles

In the midst of the media-inspired frenzy over so-called ‘assault weapons’ comes this tidbit of data from the FBI Uniform Crime Report. With Nancy Pelosi calling for semi-auto rifles to be treated the same as fully-auto machine guns under the … Continue reading

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California gun sales skyrocket while gun injuries and deaths fall

If the rhetoric of the left were to be believed, every gun sold would lead to an incremental increase in the number of people injured by gunfire. In fact, their rhetoric often uses such phrases as “wild west”, “gunfights in … Continue reading

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Gun sales soar as violent crime plummets

FBI statisics show that background checks for gun purchases have more than doubled in the last decade. During the same period, FBI data also reveals that violent crime has been in a steep decline. While it is not possible to … Continue reading

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