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Virginian-Pilot discusses doctors asking about guns

Do you want your doctor asking you or your kids about the guns in your house? I know that I don’t! But President Obama and some doctors groups are attempting to paint gun ownership as a public health issue in … Continue reading

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Roanoke Times editorial implies gun owners are to blame for stolen guns

A Sunday editorial in the Roanoke Times featured the admonition “Don’t let your gun turn up in a crime.” The editorial starts out by correctly noting that most guns used in crimes do not come from the so-called ‘gunshow loophole’.  Rather, they note that … Continue reading

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Virginia carry permit data may become private

In the wake of the outcry over New York’s Journal News publishing an interactive map of permits in their readership area and the subsequent criminal targetting of gun owners, many states where permit data is currently public are considering making the data … Continue reading

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In DC anti-gunners appear immune to gun laws

It is becoming increasingly clear that anti-gun advocates, media personalities, and politicians are completely immune to the laws they insist the rest of us must abide by, at least in the District of Columbia. While average citizens and veterans who … Continue reading

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I was contacted yesterday by Noelle Crombie from the Oregonian. She wanted to comment on the case of Warren Drouin and Steven Boyce who have undertaken a campaign of long-gun open carry in the Portland area. While pointing out … Continue reading

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Progressive reporter calls for death of gun owners

Meet Donald Kaul. He is a reporter for the Des Moines Register, a Pulitzer Prize nominee, and the man who called for the death of gun owners. Yes America … THIS is what the anti-gunners really think of you! THIS … Continue reading

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Anti-American bigot Piers Morgan will leave America if we do not pass gun control

As the petition to deport Piers Morgan approaches 100,000 signatures, the self-righteous prat has sought out a British outlet to defend himself and spew his hatred of all things American. You will have to read the article for yourself … Continue reading

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The latest claim is that Gregory got bad advice from ATF

NBC continues to remain silent over the on-air crime committed by David Gregory last Sunday during Meet The Press when he was clearly in possession of a ‘high-capacity magazine’ in violation of D.C. Official Code § 7-2506.01. This code section … Continue reading

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Failure to arrest David Gregory illustrates the hypocrisy of gun control

Last Sunday, in a Meet The Press interview with NRA Executive Vice-President Wayne LaPierre, NBC’s David Gregory repeatedly held up a 30 round magazine to illustrate his point that there should be a law against possessing such accessories. The problem? … Continue reading

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CNN’s Piers Morgan has a history of fabricating the news

Few in America realize that self-righteous twit and pompous ass Piers Morgan was once the editor of The Daily Mirror in the UK. However, long before he spent his days insulting Americans for being “idiots”, Piers was busy publishing faked … Continue reading

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