Roanoke Times editorial implies gun owners are to blame for stolen guns

RoanokeTimesA Sunday editorial in the Roanoke Times featured the admonition “Don’t let your gun turn up in a crime.”

The editorial starts out by correctly noting that most guns used in crimes do not come from the so-called ‘gunshow loophole’.  Rather, they note that the majority of “guns don’t start out illegal … they’re owned by good, law-abiding citizens who think of themselves as responsible gun owners and would shudder to think their possessions would turn into criminals’ tools.”

However, the editorial then goes on to say that an increase in gun violence in Roanoke occured at the same time as a rise in burglaries and then took a jab at gun owners.  “It is a point gun owners should note, especially those clinging to the notion they own weapons in order to defend themselves, their loved ones and their castle.

The editorial finishes off by clearly implying that those self-same gun owners who are ‘clinging’ to their rights do not do enough to prevent their guns being stolen by criminals.  “There are ways to prevent the theft of guns … Those who consider themselves responsible gun owners might want to double-check that they indeed are exercising an abundance of caution.

Read the entire insulting editorial at The Roanoke Times.

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