Virginian-Pilot discusses doctors asking about guns

Doctors_GunsDo you want your doctor asking you or your kids about the guns in your house?

I know that I don’t!

But President Obama and some doctors groups are attempting to paint gun ownership as a public health issue in their efforts to find new ways to restrict and discourage gun ownership. President Obama specifically wants to allow the question when there is a young child at home.

Dr. Christine Matson, the Chairwoman of Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Department of Family and Community Medicine, says that she asks about guns in a questionaire titled “Behaviors that may put your health at risk.”  In her mind, gun ownership is in the same category as smoking, drinking, and drug abuse.

Dr John Harrington is the Division Director for General Academic Pediatrics and he admits that the goal of asking patients is to make guns “less accessible.

Read more at The Virginian-Pilot.

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