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Senator Feinstein’s plan to ban cosmetically offensive rifles triggers opposition

For the past several weeks Senator Dianne Feinstein (D – California) has been promising to release details on her bill to ban the sale of certain cosmetically offensive, but otherwise normally functioning, semi-automatic rifles. A semi-automatic firearm fires only one … Continue reading

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Knives, fists, and clubs kill 9 times more people in the US than rifles

In the midst of the media-inspired frenzy over so-called ‘assault weapons’ comes this tidbit of data from the FBI Uniform Crime Report. With Nancy Pelosi calling for semi-auto rifles to be treated the same as fully-auto machine guns under the … Continue reading

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Obama Administration declares war on gun owners

Today on Meet the Press, President Obama told accused criminal David Gregory that, during his second term, he would put his “full weight” behind a gun control agenda. He went on to mock the suggestion put forward by the NRA, … Continue reading

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Anti-American bigot Piers Morgan will leave America if we do not pass gun control

As the petition to deport Piers Morgan approaches 100,000 signatures, the self-righteous prat has sought out a British outlet to defend himself and spew his hatred of all things American. You will have to read the article for yourself … Continue reading

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New York police begin planning for confiscation

CBS News reports that the NYPD is actively considering how they will go about confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens should the anti-gunners succeed in passing a semi-auto ban. Given the massive civil rights abuses committed by the NYPD in the … Continue reading

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