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The man who would be king: President Obama to take executive action against gun owners

Today President Obama stated that he is still awaiting a report from Vice President Biden on gun control suggestions. However, he was quick to assure the press that he felt that there were steps he could take to accomplish his … Continue reading

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The president is coming for your guns!

After bragging about his role in the original Brady bill, Vice president Biden today told reporters that “The president is going to act. There are executives orders, there’s executive action that can be taken.” Most pundits believe that Biden is … Continue reading

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Obama Administration declares war on gun owners

Today on Meet the Press, President Obama told accused criminal David Gregory that, during his second term, he would put his “full weight” behind a gun control agenda. He went on to mock the suggestion put forward by the NRA, … Continue reading

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The Second Amendment Question we need the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates to Answer! Governor Romney/President Obama or Representative Ryan/Vice President Biden: A divided United States Supreme Court has twice ruled by way of  razor thin 5 to 4 votes that the … Continue reading

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