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Libertarian Party of Kansas sues town of Prairie Village over open carry ban

The Libertarian Party of Kansas has sued three separate localities in Kansas over their open carry bans. The lawsuits pit the Kansas State Constitution and state law against the home-rule powers of localities. While two of the localities are still … Continue reading

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7th Circuit ruling makes Supreme Court review of right to carry likely

With the recent Seventh Circuit opinion in Moore v. Madigan holding that the Second Amendment right to bear arms extends outside the home, we now have at least a partial circuit split with the Second Circuit that makes it likely … Continue reading

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California Right to Carry lawsuit to restore open carry will proceed; your help needed

For those unfamiliar with the case, California Right to Carry has filed a lawsuit challenging California’s ban on loaded open carry.  The Chief Magistrate Judge for the Central District of California has recommended that the lawsuit, Nichols v. Brown, be … Continue reading

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