NRA sees huge boost in membership after Democrats call for gun control

NRA_CountrySince the attack in Newtown and the Democrat’s subsequent efforts to ‘exploit‘ the tragedy to advance their radical anti-civil-rights agenda, the NRA is reporting an increase in membership that dwarfs anything they have ever experienced.

Fox News reports that the gun rights organization has seen its membership rolls increase by an average of 8,000 members per day since Newtown.

They also note that both the number and amount of financial contributions has skyrocketed as well.

This is all very good news for gun owners. At the national level, the NRA remains the dominant force in legislative lobbying for gun rights and every new member adds to the clout the organization can bring to bear against the Democrats over the next few months.

And that is where you can help. I know that some people in the pro-gun community have disagreed with the NRA in the past but now is the time for us to join together in solidarity.

If you are not a member of the NRA then join!

If you are a regular member then upgrade to a life membership!

If you are a life member then upgrade to an endowment membership!

And don’t forget to give gift memberships to every single person in your family!

The battle for our rights has begun and those who stand at the sidelines will have no one but themselves to blame if the politicians succeed in stripping away the rights your forefathers fought so hard to leave you as your legacy.  Will your children be able to say the same?

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